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"Small Scale Decent Change" is a compilation book dealing with small-scale housing units. The book starts with a timeline that reveals the local and global thresholds that leads to the emergence of micro-living units. Then, the "Structural Durability" section comes up, which examines the relationship of existing small-scale units with external forces. In the "Technology" section, alternative building materials, construction systems, and modes of transportation are examined. In the fourth section “Sustainabilty”, research is carried out on the ecological cycles of existing examples. Finally, in the "Ergonomics" section, it was created by systematizing human movements and accepted by the majority. The relationship between body and space is scrutinized by re-questioning the established Neufert architectural standards.


Volu-te is a research-based architectural project and this book is a design guide that describes the design process. There are sections in which there are detailed explanations from the context of the project to the design principles. The interior setup of the design and its relationship with the city is expressed with technical drawings, diagrams and renderings. In the different urban contexts, alternative materials were experimented. Besides, due to the advantage of the form and the way of construction modular growth is studied. In the cycles section; besides the energy and comfort management diagrams, the scenarios of on-grid and off-grid uses were studied. Through the structure and construction technology sections, the whole process of designing the construction process is presented to the reader. Finally, the economic model designed for the project comes out perceptibly.

Press: Haberler ve Güncellemeler
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